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Aspiring artist PIPER JONES, 23, gets a job at the “By The Inch Sub Shop,” where the sign out front warns that “normal people need not apply.” The place is run by aging hippie surfer TRUCKER, 50s, and staffed by charming punk rocker PRIESTLY, 25, gorgeous TISH MATHESON, 22, and wallflower JEN MARSH. Tish is the type of girl who makes men walk into things and gets plenty of dates with a “little miss innocent” act. It’s obvious that Priestly has a crush on Tish. Jen’s dating is restricted to a yearlong Internet relationship with someone who goes by the handle FUZZY22. Trucker is infatuated with ZO, the Wiccan who runs the shop next door and seems to have her finger on whatever vibe is happening at the sub shop. Elderly MR. JULIUS is a sub shop regular.

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